Events and Giveaways

Twice as Tasty often participates in events, giveaways, and learning opportunities. Check the Latest Events section in the sidebar or footer for your next chance to see Twice as Tasty in action.


Although Twice as Tasty is not a catering business, you’ll occasionally find me making delicious food for special events. If you’d like me to create a spread for your event or lead a group workshop for a special occasion, contact me.

EVK Lounge

House concerts create art in an intimate, comfortable space that thrills both performers and listeners. In support of Groovetrail, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing music to those who need it most, Twice as Tasty has been a participant in the EVK Lounge house concert series in Whitefish, Montana. These evenings hit all of the senses as audience members hear and see talented artists and smell, touch, and taste freshly prepared food. These are just a few of the recipes enjoyed at these concerts:

Montana Cup

For the last two years, the Montana Cup, an annual sailing regatta hosted by the North Flathead Yacht Club in Somers, Montana, has featured Twice as Tasty food. Jars of preserves, loaves of bread, and other Twice as Tasty treats were shared for meals and awards, including these recipes:

Art Walk at The Yoga Room

Kalispell’s annual Art Walk & Holiday Stroll encourages people to support local businesses, and Twice as Tasty has been supporting The Yoga Room of Montana for the last two seasons. On the night of the stroll, community members are invited to drop in at the studio to see yoga demonstrations by teachers and students and enjoy Twice as Tasty treats. The food featured at these events has included these recipes:

Twice as Tasty Birthday

I’m all about birthdays, so it seemed fitting to celebrate the first year of Twice as Tasty with a party. I’m hoping to continue the tradition each year. In June, look for your invitation to the little cabin in the woods where the fabulous food you read about online is created and the workshops you attend are planned. You can follow these recipes to make your own Twice as Tasty birthday desserts:


In its first year, Twice as Tasty was invited by the Ball brand to participate in Can-It-Forward Day, giving away a new canning book and testing and sharing recipes from it. The blog continues to join in Can-It-Forward Day each year.

In December, I launched the Sourdough Giveaway Experiment, offering free sourdough starter to anyone, anywhere in the world.

I’m always interested in opportunities to offer gifts to Twice as Tasty readers that help them in their goal of eating well year-round. If you’d like to partner with Twice as Tasty for a giveaway, contact me.

Learning Opportunities

Twice as Tasty workshops are offered anytime, all year. They’re held in your own kitchen with your friends, and you’ll learn how to make good food with my personal help. Check out the list of available workshops, or find out how to customize one, on the Workshops page.

Twice as Tasty also teaches free workshops each March at the Free the Seeds! Seed and Start Fair. The event’s hourlong workshops teach attendees about real seeds, real food, and real skills. If you’d like to invite Twice as Tasty to host a workshop at your event, contact me.