Welcome to Twice as Tasty

Welcome to Twice as Tasty, the food blog that encourages all of us to eat well year-round. This project has its roots in years of preserving food, and it shares experiences, ideas, and recipes developed over that time. It’s also a journey to learn more about home preservation, play with new flavors and ideas, and build a community of people who choose making over buying.

Beyond visiting this blog, there are many avenues to becoming part of the Twice as Tasty community:

Mixed harvest
I grew up on home-preserved food, and in recent years my partner and I have filled a freezer and shelves every season with the yield of a large garden. The more we process, the more questions we have. How can we make things taste even better? What can we do with the discards from a recipe? What happens if we roast it? Grill it? Smoke it?

As we tracked down the answers to these questions, what we made, how we made it, and the time it took to do so all improved. We found favorite flavor combinations, and we discovered tips and tricks that made the process more manageable and ultimately more fun. And that brings us to this blog: It’s all about sharing what we learned, and are still learning, about how to eat amazing food all year.

I’ve created pages that describe the basics of various preserving techniques, and in just 1 year the blog has grown to include nearly 100 recipes. Each week, I add another post that shares a pair of recipes, discusses a technique, or shares ideas related to growing, saving, and using food. Subscribers can receive a weekly email announcing new posts and a monthly newsletter filled with easily downloadable and printable recipes.

Offline, I teach regular workshops locally—and in other areas occasionally—that expand on the information and inspiration provided by the blog. These workshops are held in your own kitchen, among friends—and with my personal help.

Twice as Tasty

The name for this blog comes from an intense desire to use every fruit or vegetable to its fullest. Gardening and preserving take work, and I’m always driven to get the most from every batch. Each recipe post features two related recipes, along with some favorite tips and tricks. The recipes might use the same base ingredient, such as for Rhubarb–Rosemary Syrup and Rhubarb–Orange–Ginger Marmalade. They may provide variations on a theme, as with Basil Pesto Base, which can be used with a range of herbs and flavors. Or they might build upon each other to make a meal like Zucchini Pancakes with Fresh Asian Salad. And those are just three posts. So welcome to Twice as Tasty. I can’t wait to see this blog and community grow, and I’m excited you will be a part of it.