Current Workshops

Here are three workshops I’m offering this winter; to sign up, jump down the page. You could also choose from the featured workshops or request a custom workshop, all of which are available year-round.
Here are three workshops I’m offering this winter: Starting with Sourdough, Groovy Granola, and Scrumptiously Solo.

Starting with Sourdough: Starter and Baking Basics

Size: 4 to 6 people
Time: 2-1/2 to 3 hours
Cost per person: $35, including materials

Baking with sourdough can be easy, simple, and delicious, yet many people are hesitant to explore the world of wild yeast. This hands-on workshop focuses on how to care for and use sourdough starter in various recipes. In this small workshop, everyone gets involved in the process and learns by doing. I’ll be supplying active batches of my own sourdough starter and teach you how to “feed” it once you get it home. Together, we’ll make Sourdough Pita to enjoy during the workshop and share with your family or friends.

Groovy Granola: Baked and Dehydrated

Size: 4 to 10 people
Time: 2 to 2-1/2 hours
Cost per person: $35, including materials

Although we think of them as healthy, commercially packaged granolas can be junk food in disguise: high in sugar, salt, and dollars. But homemade granolas can be good for you and good for your budget. They’re easily made, endlessly adaptable, and seriously delicious. In this workshop, we’ll explore the differences between dehydrated and baked granolas and learn the basic ratios that will let you personalize your granola recipe. I’ll provide a range of ingredients so that you can make your own batch during the workshop, and you’ll sample your creations before taking them home for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Scrumptiously Solo: Cooking for One

Size: 8+ people
Time: 2-1/2 to 3 hours
Cost per person: $20, including materials

If you live alone or often cook solo, one of the biggest challenges is finding inspiration and energy in the kitchen. But cooking for one doesn’t rule out delicious, healthy, and varied meals. The secrets to being scrumptiously solo start long before you turn on a burner and are more about your approach to feeding yourself than single-serving recipes. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to affordably stock your kitchen for solo meals and focus on basic ingredients that let you make every meal special—even leftovers. You’ll then put what you learn to practice before striking out on your own.

Have another technique you want to try? Check out the Custom Workshops page for ideas. Then contact me so that I can create your custom workshop.

Twice as Tasty workshops have been so popular that I’ve taken them on the road. Workshops are always available locally in Montana’s Flathead Valley.

Schedule a Workshop

Workshops are hosted in private kitchens among friends. I supply all materials and any tools you don’t already have in your kitchen. Better than a book club or a night out with friends where you simply talk about good food, these fun gatherings teach you and your friends how to prepare good food from scratch with my personal help.

To schedule a workshop, simply contact me! Together we will:

  1. Pick a date and time.
  2. Choose a workshop (see featured workshops for other ideas) or find a custom topic.
  3. Decide how many friends you will invite, based on the workshop topic and the group size you can accommodate in your kitchen.

It’s that easy! I’ll handle all of the food planning and preparation from there. We’ll be in contact before the workshop to make sure everything goes smoothly once people arrive at your door.