Current Workshops

Here are three workshops I’m offering from July through September; to sign up, jump down the page. You could also choose from the featured workshops or request a custom workshop, all of which are available year-round.
The three workshops I’m offering this summer focus on pickling, low-sugar jams, and grilling vegetables. Learn more at

Pick a Pickle: Easy Pickling Processes

Size: 4 to 6 people
Time: 2 to 3 hours
Cost per person: $35, including materials

Pickling is a safe, easy way to preserve almost any vegetable. This hands-on workshop focuses on the basic science behind pickling and is customized to the type of produce you want to preserve. You also choose the technique: mealtime pickles that are ready in minutes, refrigerator pickles ideal for single-jar batches, fermented pickles big on flavor and crunch, or pasteurized pickles perfect for long-term storage. These small workshops get everyone involved in the process and learning by doing. You’ll leave the workshop with a jar of pickled goodness to share with family and friends—or keep to yourself.

A Little Sweetness: Low-Sugar Jams

Size: 4 to 8 people
Time: 2 to 2-1/2 hours
Cost per person: $35, including materials

Who doesn’t love a jar of sweet, sticky jam? The problem is, jams can be too sweet, overpowering the fruit until you feel you’ve just eaten a spoonful of sugar. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the three key elements of jam making: acid, sugar, and pectin. Then you’ll discover how to balance those elements to create low-sugar, fruit-forward spreads. During the workshop, we’ll go through the entire process, finishing our jams in a water-bath canner so that they are shelf stable. The ratios you’ll learn will allow you to make jam at home from just about any fruit.

Grilled Goodness: Getting Fired Up about Vegetables

Size: 8+ people
Time: 2 hours, lunch or dinner
Cost per person: $20, plus a dish to share

Meats often feature in grilled meals, but that backyard barbecue is one of the best tools for a vegetable lover. Grilled vegetables not only upgrade your evening summertime meal but also enhance your canned and frozen goods. At this potluck discussion, which can accommodate larger groups, you’ll learn tips and tricks that grill your vegetables perfectly every time. I’ll demonstrate grilling a large batch for preservation followed by a small batch that we’ll eat on the spot, along with the sides and beverages the workshop group contributes to the meal. This topic can also be arranged as a hands-on workshop for 4–8 people and $35 per person.
Summer means filling bellies not just with the freshest produce possible but also with preserved vegetables the rest of the year. Learn more at

JUST ADDED: I’ve also just announced a bonus summer workshop: Creative Cocktails: Syrups and Shrubs. It’s sure to make your parties the talk of the summer!

Have another technique you want to try? Check out the Custom Workshops page for ideas. Then contact me so that I can create your custom workshop.

Schedule a Workshop

Workshops are hosted in private kitchens among friends. I supply all materials and any tools you don’t already have in your kitchen. Better than a book club or a night out with friends where you simply talk about good food, these fun gatherings teach you and your friends how to prepare good food from scratch with my personal help.

The three workshops I’m offering this summer focus on pickling, low-sugar jams, and grilling vegetables. Learn more at
To schedule a workshop, simply contact me! Together we will:

  1. Choose a workshop (see featured workshops for other ideas) or find a custom topic.
  2. Pick a date and time.
  3. Decide how many friends you will invite, based on the workshop topic and the group size you can accommodate in your kitchen.

It’s that easy! I’ll handle all of the food planning and preparation from there. We’ll be in contact before the workshop to make sure everything goes smoothly once people arrive at your door.