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The Complete Guide to Pickling: Pickle and Ferment Everything Your Garden or Market Has to Offer, by Julie Laing, creator of Twice as Tasty

Master the art of pickling with 125 classic and creative recipes

Pickling is the best (and most delicious!) way to preserve all kinds of food, so it’s no wonder it’s popular around the world. Whether you’re making your first pickle or you have years of experience, The Complete Guide to Pickling is packed with essential information and 125 flavorful recipes, including American classics and international flavors. From Honeyed Bread-and-Butter Chips to Classic Kimchi, Scratch-Made Sriracha, and Southern-Style Pickled Shrimp, there’s something for everyone in this unique pickling how-to guide. You’ll find straightforward and scrumptious recipes for quick, fresh, and fermented pickles, as well as sweet and fruity pickles, hot sauces, relishes, salsas, sauerkraut, chutney, and more. The Complete Guide to Pickling includes:
  • Intro to pickles & pickling. Build your foundational knowledge with a brief history of pickling and helpful info about the different types of pickles.
  • Step-by-step instructions. Find detailed directions for canning and fermentation, choosing the right ingredients, and creating essential spice blends.
  • Tips for gardeners. Learn how to plan your garden to maximize your pickle potential, and use the bumper crop label to find big batch recipes for common produce.
Create your own delicious pickles with The Complete Guide to Pickling. See a sample recipe here.

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The Pickled Picnic: A Companion Collection to The Complete Guide to Pickling, by Julie Laing, creator of Twice as Tasty

Learn to cook with your homemade pickles and brines

Now that you have The Complete Guide to Pickling, how can you use all of those pickles? The Pickled Picnic collection provides a few answers. It shows you how to incorporate pickles into snacks, dishes, or meals. Plus, you can often give the brine a second life. Using both pickles and brines will make your pickled creations even tastier, whether on a picnic or at home. From Deviled Pickled Eggs 4 Ways to Briny Gibson, Miso-Marinated Grilled Shrimp, and Pickle-Topped Pizza, there’s something for everyone in this exclusive recipe collection. You’ll find ways to use quick, fresh, and fermented pickles and brines, as well as your homemade salsas, hot sauces, mustards, and more. The Pickled Picnic includes:
  • 17 new recipes. Julie has created unique recipes that use a range of pickles and brines in appetizers, beverages, side dishes and enhancements, and main dishes.
  • Base options for ultimate flavor. Each recipe starts with a pickle from The Complete Guide to Pickling and has been tailored to showcase your homemade pickles.
  • Twice as Tasty upgrades. Take your meals to the next level by serving your pickled picnic with free recipes from the blog.
Use your delicious pickles in new ways with The Pickled Picnic. See some of the possibilities here.

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