Twice as Tasty Live

Choose your event and gather your friends; I’ll take care of the rest.

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The spread at a Twice as Tasty house concert, featuring locally grown and sourced ingredients and prepared onsite to ensure the freshest flavors. Photograph by Brenda Ahearn Photography.

Twice as Tasty Live events are hosted in private homes among friends. Whether you want to learn a new food technique, host a unique gathering, enjoy live music in an intimate setting, or all of the above, there’s a Twice as Tasty event for you.

As host, you simply gather your friends and welcome them to your kitchen and home. I handle the rest: all food planning, shopping, preparation, serving, and cleanup. Your space doesn’t have to be large or fancy: just big enough to hold your guests.

Twice as Tasty Workshops

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Twice as Tasty workshop participants learning to prepare and cook with Indian
spices. Photograph by Twice as Tasty.

Twice as Tasty Workshops bring you and your friends into the kitchen to learn how to eat well year-round. From preserving to baking to fresh eating, these workshops teach you a range of techniques that will improve everything from your daily meals to your eating habits.

Browse the list of featured workshop topics here, or contact me to create a workshop on a new topic. Workshops typically accommodate 4 to 12 people, last 2 to 3 hours, and start at $30 per person.

Twice as Tasty House Concerts

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Guests enjoying music by Erica von Kleist and dancing by DeWitt Fleming Jr. at a Twice as Tasty house concert. Photograph by Brenda Ahearn Photography.

Twice as Tasty has teamed with local musicians and other artists to bring live performances and homemade food into comfortable, intimate settings. Twice as Tasty House Concerts showcase artists at their best, sharing their songs, stories, and music with an attentive audience. A delicious, custom spread of appetizers, desserts, and beverages featuring local ingredients and prepared onsite take the experience to another level.

These gatherings generally feature 1 to 3 musicians with acoustic or lightly amplified sound performing for up to 30 guests. Homey, cozy, and intimate are the catchwords: we’ll pull every chair, from office to patio to den, into your chosen performance space to accommodate your guests. These events typically last 2-1/2 hours and can be customized for special events, themes, and menus. Food-and-music packages start at $900; payment can be made in full by the host or divided among the guests.

Twice as Tasty Dines In

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Twice as Tasty Live events always emphasize local ingredients and onsite preparation that lets you taste each dish at its best. Photograph by Brenda Ahearn Photography.

Twice as Tasty Dines In presents the best of two Twice as Tasty Live events, combining the learning experience of workshops and the intimate gathering of house concerts. In your kitchen, I’ll prepare a unique meal featuring local ingredients. When your guests arrive, everyone will learn how to make an aspect of the meal, whether a dish or a key ingredient, from scratch. We’ll then sit down to enjoy our creations.

Dine In evenings accommodate 12 or fewer people and typically last 2 hours. Learn-and-dine packages start at $350. For a complete Night In, you can pair your dinner with live music, closing the evening with a short performance by a local musician.

Run a nonprofit? Auction off a Twice as Tasty workshop, house concert, or dinner at your next fundraiser, or use a Twice as Tasty house concert or my services as a recipe developer and private chef for your next fundraising event. Contact me for more information.