Let’s get cooking! Contact me to schedule your Twice as Tasty workshop.
Let’s get cooking! Twice as Tasty workshops go beyond the recipes and techniques on the blog and bring me into your kitchen for private classes with you and your friends. You need 3 things for a Twice as Tasty workshop:

  1. A host: I come to your home and teach in your kitchen so that you can learn with the space and equipment you’ll use every day.
  2. Friends: Workshops are priced for a minimum of 4 people; depending on the topic, you’ll be able to invite 6 to 10 people to join us.
  3. A topic: Choose from one of the topics below, or tell me what you want to learn.

Ready to schedule your workshop? Contact me!
Let’s get cooking! Contact me to schedule your Twice as Tasty workshop.

Workshop Topics

What do you want to learn? I teach workshops on the following topics. If you don’t see the topic that interests you, contact me and I’ll create a new workshop for you and your friends.

Let’s get cooking! Contact me to schedule your Twice as Tasty workshop.


Have questions about Twice as Tasty workshops? If you don’t see the answer here, contact me.

How long are workshops, and how much do they cost?
Workshops last 2 to 3 hours and start at $30 per person. The length and cost vary depending on the topic.

Can I sign up individually for a Twice as Tasty workshop?
Workshops are typically held in private kitchens, so individual signups are usually not available. But it only takes 4 people to bring me to your home for a workshop; ask around, and you’ll likely find 3 interested friends in no time! I occasionally give public demonstrations and teach open workshops in conjunction with other groups; subscribe to the Twice as Tasty newsletter to be notified when those occur.

What if want to attend a workshop instead of hosting one?
The easiest way to attend a workshop is to convince a friend to host one! Hosting a workshop is easy: You are simply my contact for the workshop and the one who invites the other attendees. I bring everything we need for the workshop and handle cleanup. As host, you get first dibs on samples and leftovers!

My kitchen is really small. Can I still host a workshop?
Yes! My personal kitchen in my 500-square-foot cabin has 5 feet of counter space, and my “second home” kitchen is the galley of a 25-foot sailboat. In other words, I can make a workshop happen in any kitchen.

Can you teach my child, teenager, spouse, etc., to cook?
Yes! Anyone can learn to cook in a Twice as Tasty workshop. For kids and teens, I adjust the length and size of workshops to fit the age group; contact me to learn more about age-appropriate workshops. Workshops are also great ways to learn to work as a couple on the kitchen or for a noncooking spouse to develop his or her kitchen skills.

Can you teach a workshop for my book club, hiking group, men’s group, etc., to cook?
Yes! The possibilities are endless: replace a regularly scheduled group meeting with a Twice as Tasty workshop, use one as a team-building experience for employees, or plan one to gather people in a month they typically don’t get together. Although most workshops have a maximum number of participants, some are suitable for larger groups, so let me know if you’re interested in a workshop for more than 10 people.

Will you come to my town, city, country, etc., to teach workshops?
Yes! I love to travel, particularly when I get to share my love of good food. Drop me a note if you’re interested in hosting a Twice as Tasty workshop outside Montana’s Flathead Valley.

Can I give a workshop as a gift?
Yes! You can choose to host a workshop and give individual gift certificates to your chosen attendees. Or you can give a gift certificate for a workshop package: the recipient will host the workshop and choose the guests. The workshop topic and date do not need to be chosen until a gift certificate is redeemed. Contact me to learn more.