Holiday Feast

I’m excited to be featured on the cover of the holiday feast issue from the Flathead Beacon. Learn more at

It’s feast time! I’m excited to be featured in the holiday feast issue from the Flathead Beacon—especially because my contribution, Crumble-Top Deep-Dish Apple Pie, made the front cover of the print edition. If you can’t pick up a copy locally, you can find the story online.

If you read to the end of the story, you’ll find the other reason I’m so excited to share this piece: Starting next month, I will be joining the Flathead Beacon as a food columnist. I’ll share more about that project—and some changes coming to this blog—when the first column goes live.
Learn to make Crumble-Top Deep-Dish Apple Pie

Cranberries and Garlic

Here are three articles that feature two of my wintertime favorites: cranberries and garlic. Learn more at
I have three articles to share this week that feature two of my wintertime favorites: cranberries and garlic. They include some family history, some reasons to eat both of these superfoods, and a couple of delicious recipes. You’ll find inspiration for your holiday table and potential items to add to your wish list or gift to your favorite chef.
Learn to make Spinach Salad with Cranberry Sauce Dressing and Immunity-Boosting Garlic Soup

Late Tomatoes

Late tomatoes never match midsummer fruit, but I treasure them as the season’s final flush. Get tomato recipes at
Tomatoes are the last true summer crop that I grab from the garden. The shift comes as swiftly as the fall back to standard time: one deep temperature swing makes every green fruit still on the vine inedible. Each fall, I follow weather forecasts, gamble on their accuracy, and try to pluck every fully formed tomato before the first killing frost.

Even if I succeed, the reward isn’t the perfectly red, juicy treats I’ve been feasting on all summer. It’s boxes of hard, underripe tomatoes. Some I’ll eat or preserve while green, but most sit for weeks beside my desk, where I watch them gradually ripen.

These tomatoes never match the bright, sweet bite of sun-kissed midsummer fruit, but I treasure them as the season’s final flush. Rather than eating them out of hand, I’ve found that letting them cook slowly, like in this savory pie, maximizes their maturing flavor.
Learn to make Late-Season Tomato Pie and Herb and Cheese Pie Crust


Find out how I fell for arugula in my first piece for The Green Room. Learn more at
I’m excited to share my first piece for The Green Room, one that’s all about the arugula. I grow my own arugula all summer, and even now a self-seeded fall crop is doing its best to hang on in my cold frame. But not everyone has the time or space to grow their own greens. Fortunately, fresh arugula has been easier to buy year-round than when I first discovered this spicy green—as I explain in my story.

That’s partly thanks to companies like Fifth Season Fresh, which publishes The Green Room and is working toward a more sustainable global food system. Although its products are currently only sold in a trio of states, recipes that use them and loads of other fresh produce are at your fingertips for your next meal.
Learn to use arugula and make Penne with Wilted Arugula