Twice as Tasty workshops take the recipes and techniques offered on this blog and make it easy for you to use them in your own kitchen. They are designed to give you a chance to see and try the process and ask questions as we go.

For each workshop, you choose the recipe or technique, and I arrive in your kitchen with the necessary ingredients and any tools you may not already own. You invite a few friends to join us, and I walk everyone through the process of the chosen project. Of course, you get to sample your creations; in most cases, there will be extra to take home and share with family and others. It’s a fun way to play with new food ideas in the space you use every day and with people you know.
Twice as Tasty workshops cover a range of topics, giving you a chance to try the recipes and techniques offered on the blog in your own kitchen, among friends—and with my personal help.
I teach a range of workshops handpicked for each season. Look at some of my featured workshops for topics; these workshops are available at any time. If you already know what you’d like to learn, custom workshops can be created for just about any technique, recipe, or topic that is—or could be—covered by the Twice as Tasty blog. Find out more here.

Workshops are always available locally in Montana’s Flathead Valley. Twice as Tasty also tours nationally and internationally. If you are interested in setting up a workshop in your area, contact me.

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