Best Pressure Canners

I’ve been testing the best pressure canners for The Spruce Eats. Learn more at
Gardening season is here, and I have exciting news to share, so I’m interrupting this month of cheese posts to put canning on your radar. The news is this: One of my goals for this year has been to start writing about food for places other than this blog, and I’m excited to share that I’ve been come a regular contributor to The Spruce Eats. If you’re not familiar with the website, I suggest you check it out: It’s loaded with everything from recipes to videos to cooking tips to buying guides. I’m working with a great editor there and having a lot of fun writing for the site.

My first project was a roundup of the year’s best pressure canners, and I spent last month testing 3 of my favorites. The first reviews went live this week. Since my writing for The Spruce Eats focuses on the products, I wanted to share a little more about what I canned and cooked here.
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