Fried Green Tomatoes

To successfully make fried green tomatoes, choose the right tomatoes and prepare them properly for the pan. Learn more at
If you grow a garden, especially in a climate with a short growing season, you know that one of your last harvest decisions is what to do with green tomatoes. If you harvest them before they are damaged by frost, many green tomatoes will ripened indoors. You can also preserve tomatoes while they are still green. Some can be eaten fresh too.

I share one of my favorite ways to eat fresh tomatoes this week in my Twice as Tasty column for the Flathead Beacon: dredged in cornmeal and fried in a pan. Successfully making fried green tomatoes, with a just-soft, sweet interior and crisp outer shell that stays attached to each tomato slice, depends on the tomatoes you choose and the way you prepare them before you add them to the pan.

Learn more about end-of-season tomatoes and get the complete recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes in my column.

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Curried Green Tomatoes. Get the recipe in The Complete Guide to Pickling by Julie Laing.
Curried Green Tomatoes. Photograph by Andrew Purcell.

Twice as Tasty

To successfully make fried green tomatoes, choose the right tomatoes and prepare them properly for the pan. Get green tomato recipes at tomatoes, with their firm flesh and minimal juice, often hold their shape better than red ones when pickled. I included several recipes that use them in my pickling cookbook, including a curried pickle, salsa, and chutney. Pickled slices are delicious in a grilled cheese sandwich. Chutney pairs well with shrimp or savory pancakes. You can use green tomato salsa anytime you want a green sauce: tucked into fish tacos, spread into cheese quesadillas, or served atop potatoes with black beans.

You can learn more about my other favorite base for green sauces—tomatillos—in this blog post.

Want more Twice as Tasty recipes? Get my books! Click here to order a personally signed, packaged, and shipped copy of The Complete Guide to Pickling directly from me. I also share tasty ways to use pickles in The Pickled Picnic; it’s only available here.


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