Kitchen Favorites: Cereal Bowls

The humble cereal bowl can hold many meals in many settings. Learn more at
In the introduction of Consider the Fork, which examines the history of everyday kitchen tools, Bee Wilson starts by considering the wooden spoon, “a quiet ensemble player in so many meals that we take it for granted.” She could have just as easily opened her book with the humble “cereal” bowl, so named for one of its primary uses that immediately gives a sense of size, even though capacity still varies widely. Rather than being a dedicated vessel for one food, the cereal bowl can hold many meals in many settings, as I describe in my latest piece for The Spruce Eats.

Although I have numerous bowls in my kitchen, and even several types that fit the cereal-appropriate category, I found a perfect fit in Duoluv Unbreakable Bowls. The size, shape, texture, and price all fit my needs even before I realized I really did need them. They mainly consist of wheat straw fiber, so they’re more environmentally friendly than 100% plastic bowls.

I’ve split the set’s four bowls into two pairs, keeping one pair in the kitchen box aboard our sailboat, the Blue Mule, and the other in a picnic basket that travels with me for lakeside dinners, road trips, and more. Since that basket is stored near my front door, I can even pluck a bowl from it to take outside for a snack on the deck or to collect some herbs snipped for dinner.

Learn more about why I love these bowls in this article.

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The humble cereal bowl can hold many meals in many settings. Learn more at

Twice as Tasty

When I was writing about Duoluv Unbreakable Bowls, these are a few of the recipes I used:

You can find more recipes that I serve in bowls in the recipe index and more of my work off the blog here.

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