Kitchen Favorites: Canning Cookbooks

I’ve updated my list of favorite canning books with new editions plus newer releases worth adding to your canning bookshelf. Learn more at
It might not feel like canning season with garden beds buried in snow. Still, seed catalogs keep arriving. To my mind, the smart way to grow and preserve your own food is to follow the progression from buying seeds to planting to harvesting to canning. That means that now, as I choose varieties from seed catalogs, I’m noting the recipes that I hope to can in summer or fall.

If you think the same way, you’ll want to be leafing through some of the canning cookbooks in my recent piece for The Spruce Eats. I originally wrote this roundup in 2021 and shared more about sourcing safe canning recipes in a related blog post. I’ve updated the list with new editions of some of my favorite canning books plus a couple of newer releases worth adding to your canning shelves.

Find my canning book recommendations in this cookbook roundup.

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I’ve updated my list of favorite canning books with new editions plus newer releases worth adding to your canning bookshelf. Learn more at

Twice as Tasty

In my previous blog post focused on canning cookbooks, I listed some online resources for safe canning recipes. I still recommend using those sites for recipes and as you decide which canning cookbooks in the updated list best suit your home-canning plans.

From the books I chose for my recent article, these are some of the recipes and guidelines I turn to year after year and reference when developing canning recipes:

  • So Easy To Preserve: For explanations of canning practices and processing tables, as well as master recipes like Canned Berries and Pickled Beets
  • Complete Guide to Home Canning: For canning basics and safe practices, plus simple recipes like Stewed Rhubarb and Crushed Tomatoes
  • Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving: For essential guidelines and classic, straightforward recipes like Cucumber Relish and Brandied Pears
  • Ball Canning Back to Basics: For easy-to-master yet flavorful water-bath recipes, like Basil-Garlic Tomato Sauce and Pear-Roasted Garlic Preserves
  • Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving: For recipes that process a huge variety ingredients in a water-bath or pressure canner, like Pumpkin or Winter Squash and Vegetable Stock
  • Preserving With Pomona’s Pectin: For low-sugar jams and preserves, like Basil-Mint-Plum Jam and Jalapeño-Confetti Jelly
  • The Joy of Pickling: For how to pickle almost anything and numerous home-canned condiments, including Eggplant–Tomato Relish and Currant or Gooseberry Ketchup
  • The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving: For recipes that need fewer pounds of vegetables and yield fewer jars, like Carrot Zucchini Pickle Strips and Caponata
  • Batch: For innovative ways to use produce when canning and beyond, like Asparagus Relish and Rhubarb Sour “Candies”
  • The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving: For modern flavors and uses, like Vodka Sauce Base for pasta or meat and Smoky Sour Cherry–Tequila Salsa for my own Grilled Fish Tacos

You can find more canning recipes in the recipe index and my cookbook, The Complete Guide to Pickling, and more of my work off the blog here.

Want more Twice as Tasty recipes? Get my books! Click here to order a personally signed, packaged, and shipped copy of The Complete Guide to Pickling directly from me. I also share tasty ways to use pickles in The Pickled Picnic; it’s only available here.


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