Sourdough Power Waffles

I make sourdough waffles when my starter needs an energy boost, with homemade toppings that give me energy too. Learn more at
When you think of sourdough, you probably picture a loaf of tangy, tasty bread. But you have so many more ways to use sourdough, as I’ll be sharing all month in my Twice as Tasty column for the Flathead Beacon. Some of my favorites can use what many people call sourdough discard. I consider the word “discard” to be a misnomer, because I never actually throw out starter—even when I’m waking up a starter that’s been dormant for months or rehydrating a new-to-me starter, like the one I’m giving away until January 31. You can learn more about the giveaway here.

Instead of discarding weak starter, I use it in numerous baked goods that don’t need a lot of rising oomph, including pancakes and waffles. Either sourdough breakfast option has enough flavor that you can simply serve them with butter and syrup, but more filling toppings give the waffles in my latest column their “power” name.
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6th Annual Sourdough Giveaway

I’m giving away sourdough starter through January 31, 2023. Learn more at
Welcome to the 6th Annual Sourdough Giveaway! I’ve been sharing my starter every January since I started this blog, but last year’s giveaway broke all of my records, with 154 sourdough packets leaving my kitchen and heading out into the world.

Many of those packets went to readers of my Twice as Tasty column in the Flathead Beacon, so thank you for supporting local journalism, as well as reading my column and blog. Twice as Tasty starter has now traveled to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Slovenia, and throughout the United States, and I hope to share it with even more new sourdough bakers this year. Request your starter by the end of January to get in on the sourdough adventures.
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Sourdough Cabin Bread

Join the 5th Annual Sourdough Giveaway and learn to make Sourdough Cabin Bread at
This week’s Twice as Tasty column for the Flathead Beacon wraps up Sourdough Month, which has been a resounding success. I’ve sent out more than 100 packets of sourdough starter, and there are still a few days left of the giveaway. Join the 5th Annual Sourdough Giveaway here. If you’re just now learning about the giveaway, you can read about it and my starter in this blog post.

To round out the month, I’m sharing my first and still favorite sourdough bread recipe. My niece and nephew initially called it Auntie Julie’s Special Bread, because they only ate it when I visited with a loaf. It’s lost that title now that my brother-in-law bakes with sourdough starter. It may be less special, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious.
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Sourdough Pizza Dough

Everyone should have a ball of sourdough pizza dough in their refrigerator. Learn more at
A wise chef once said everyone should have a ball of pizza dough in their refrigerator—and I think that’s doubly true for sourdough. The recipe I share this week in my Twice as Tasty column for the Flathead Beacon has so much going for it. It’s straightforward, relatively quick (for a low-knead, long-ferment dough), and has so many uses, including one of my new favorite recipes: garlic knots.

You can make this dough with bubbly active starter that’s begging to be used, or you can make it with lackluster starter that wants to be refreshed before you attempt bread. The dough can sit in the fridge for up to 3 days and bake up beautifully; it also freezes well. All you need is some flour (I use two types for better flavor, but you can stick with just all-purpose), water (unchlorinated is best), salt, and starter.

How do you get starter? I’m giving away my personal starter to help you jump-start your sourdough adventures. The 5th Annual Sourdough Giveaway runs through January 31.
Learn to make Sourdough Pizza Dough and Sourdough Garlic Knots