Ginger-Spiked Carrot and Apple Pickle

A flavorful pickle can add a bit of zing to many rich holiday mains. Learn more at
Pickles have been a holiday staple since I was a kid. A bowl of home-canned pickles always sat on the dinner table at gatherings. While we waited for guests to arrive, my dad would be sneaking Christmas cookies, but I’d be dipping the cute little serving fork into the pickle bowl. If we set the table too early, I could nearly empty that bowl before the doorbell rang.

The flavorful pickle I share this week in my Twice as Tasty column for the Flathead Beacon adds a bit of zing to many rich holiday main dishes and puts a splash of color on the table. It’s one of the 125 recipes you can find in my cookbook The Complete Guide to Pickling.
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30-Minute Tomato Soup

Make creamy tomato soup from scratch in just 30 minutes with what’s at hand. Learn more at
In this week’s Twice as Tasty column for the Flathead Beacon, I share one of my favorite soup recipes. Even my sister, who grew up unimpressed by many tomato dishes, has gotten hooked on this soup. It’s quick, easy, and uses the homegrown produce that’s been stashed away for the winter. In the column, I share my storage methods for its main ingredients, hoping to entice you to plan ahead next growing season. I also tell you how to make it right now with whatever tomatoes and onions are in your kitchen.
Learn to make 30-Minute Tomato Soup

Holiday Feast

I’m excited to be featured on the cover of the holiday feast issue from the Flathead Beacon. Learn more at

It’s feast time! I’m excited to be featured in the holiday feast issue from the Flathead Beacon—especially because my contribution, Crumble-Top Deep-Dish Apple Pie, made the front cover of the print edition. If you can’t pick up a copy locally, you can find the story online.

If you read to the end of the story, you’ll find the other reason I’m so excited to share this piece: Starting next month, I will be joining the Flathead Beacon as a food columnist. I’ll share more about that project—and some changes coming to this blog—when the first column goes live.
Learn to make Crumble-Top Deep-Dish Apple Pie