Fun Pickles

Fun Pickles. Get the recipes in The Complete Guide to Pickling by Julie Laing.
Gravlax (Salt-Cured Salmon). Photograph by Andrew Purcell.

In case you missed the news: my pickling book went on sale this week! The Complete Guide to Pickling is officially out in the world for you all to read and enjoy. As a bonus, I’ve also released The Pickled Picnic, a digital recipe collection that uses some of the pickles in my new book.

Both the book and the bonus collection are packed with fun recipes. But if you’ve been impressed by the flavors I’ve shared so far, just wait until you get to the final chapter of the book. These pickled foods will take your pickling experience to an entirely new level. I know, because that’s what they did for me.

From the Book

Before I started writing this book, I mainly pickled the produce that grew in my garden. So I was thrilled for the excuse to play with tropical fruits and warm-climate vegetables that won’t grow among Montana’s mountains. But the final chapter of the book took me even further from my garden into the realm of pickling proteins like fish, shrimp, and eggs. I had such fun playing with farm-fresh eggs that I included two variations in the book—and offer a quartet of variations in the bonus collection that devil them up.

Ready to give one a try? Full details are in the recipe, taken straight from The Complete Guide to Pickling, but here are the basics:
You need just 2 main ingredients plus a basic vinegar brine.
1. Heat the brine.
2. Pack your jar with hard-boiled, peeled eggs.
3. Ladle in the brine and refrigerate the jar.
4. Wait a couple of days, and then enjoy.
Fun pickles round out my new book. Learn more at

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