Winding Down Year 4

I’m kicking off 2020 with two tasty online events: a giveaway and a challenge. Learn more at
Twice as Tasty will officially turn 4 next June, but the approaching end of 2019 has me reflecting on the past year and pondering the directions to take the blog and Twice as Tasty Live in the year to come. It seems that this past year was all about settling in: The blog has found its rhythm, and the models I’ve developed for workshops and other live events keep them running smoothly. (Read on, and you’ll see what I mean.) Things are running so smoothly that I’m tossing around ideas that will put more on the 2020 table. (Skip down the page to read about the year to come.)

2019 Highlights

I’m kicking off 2020 with two tasty online events: a giveaway and a challenge. Learn more at
The blog grew steadily this year. The Recipe Index now lists more than 275 recipes, along with more than 80 pages with topics and techniques related to preparing, storing, and eating well year-round. The number of email subscribers, WordPress and Facebook followers, and Facebook community members continues to grow, with every day connecting the Twice as Tasty blog to more people keen on making good food.

There are now 30 Twice as Tasty workshop topics to choose from, with more added to the roster each time someone says, “I’ve always wanted to learn to make….” I continue to offer my skills as a private chef for Twice as Tasty Live house concerts and dinners. The Sourdough Giveaway Experiment, about to enter it’s third year, has created many new sourdough bakers around the world.

Here are a few of 2019’s upgrades:

  • Workshops. Workshops have been streamlined so that they’re easy to schedule and host—and even gift. I’ve begun offering individual workshop sign-ups in conjunction with clubs and organizations and through Whitefish School District’s Adult Education program.
  • Recipes. An overview of what you need and how you’ll use it now introduces each recipe on the blog. If you ever hesitate to make a recipe, just scroll to the short list just above the recipe box and see how easy it really is.
  • Topics. The blog expanded to several new areas this year. I introduced the one prep–two meals concept and expanded on it with several posts and in workshops. Workshops and recipes also took cooking from your kitchen to the woods and water.

2020 Plans

I’m kicking off 2020 with two tasty online events: a giveaway and a challenge. Learn more at
I’m considering several new angles for Twice as Tasty in 2020 that will put more Twice as Tasty recipes in other publications and bring more personalized experiences to Twice as Tasty Live. You’ll learn more throughout the year as plans develop.

I’m also kicking off 2020 with two tasty online events:

  • Sourdough Giveaway. The 3rd annual Sourdough Giveaway starts January 1, 2020 (although in truth, a few packets of sourdough starter have already been sneaking out the door). The giveaway will run all month, but be sure to check back next week to learn how you can take your first steps in sourdough baking using free Twice as Tasty starter.
  • Twice as Tasty Challenge. Current newsletter subscribers have likely noticed fewer emails from me in recent months. I’ve been using the time to reassess those messages and have decided to experiment with a new cooking challenge for 2020. It will run all year and only be offered to newsletter subscribers, so sign up now to get in on the challenge. It will be free, easy, and fun! If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, look for more details in your inbox in the next couple of weeks.

Twice as Tasty

Be sure you’re fully connected to Twice as Tasty.You have many ways to learn about all of the recipes, workshops, and other Twice as Tasty experiences that will be available in 2020: the Facebook page and community, the Instagram feed, Pinterest collections, and Tumblr and Bloglovin’ pages. To simply see each week’s recipe post when it goes live, click the Follow button at the bottom right corner of this page or in the “Subscribe” section in the sidebar.

Thanks again for a fabulous 2019—I couldn’t do this without you. I’m looking forward sharing even more tasty treats with you in the new year. Again, check back next week to get in on the giveaway, and subscribe to Twice as Tasty here to learn about the challenge when it goes live.

Thanks for reading!


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