Twice as Tasty Turns 2

Twice as Tasty is now 2! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
And just like that, Twice as Tasty is 2 years old. Well, not just like that. The time between birthdays is the journey between destinations, more crucial than either endpoint. Like any journey, this past year revealed curves in the road, surprises around corners, and steps into unfamiliar territory. As the Twice as Tasty blog and community expand and grow, I’m embarking on new adventures and tackling ongoing challenges. Whether you’ve just found the blog or have been part of the core group of supporters, I hope you’ll be as excited as I am about the successes of this past year and the path that’s forming for year 3.

Year 2 Highlights

Twice as Tasty is now 2! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
This was an expansion year for Twice as Tasty, both online and off. Weekly blog posts were supplemented by technique posts to the Facebook group, more pretty food photos on Instagram, and lots of food for thought on Pinterest, as well as other ways to keep track of the blog. I hope to better connect the blog with social media in the coming year, so be sure to follow along where you’re most active already:

Offline, the growing roster of Twice as Tasty workshops ranges from learning techniques and essential ratios to creating easy meals and new outlooks on how you eat. Word has been spreading about how easy it is to host a Twice as Tasty workshop: You choose the topic and who to invite, and I take it from there. I taught my first workshop internationally last month and hope to continue traveling to teach, as well as offering more classes locally.

Best Year 2 Recipes

Twice as Tasty is now 2! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
All the workshops and social media posts are just bonuses to the bread and butter of the Twice as Tasty blog: weekly recipe posts. You’ll find everything you need in the expanded recipe index, but these are some of my favorite additions from the past year:

Year 3 Plans

Twice as Tasty is now 2! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
The blog’s success and growing audience mean I’m continually investing more time in the project. But there’s a basic fact about blogging: You don’t really make money. It’s the rare blogger who can quit her day job, blog full time, and get paid to do so.

So I’m making a few changes to how I blog and what I offer—online and off. As a first step, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite kitchen tools and items in relevant posts. I hope you’ll find my recommendations helpful and the links convenient. I encourage you to buy them locally when possible.

Along with new recommendations, upcoming recipes will venture into new territory, including homemade beverages, fermented vegetables, and savory spreads. Supporting basics pages will give you everything you need to get started with new techniques and to successfully recreate the recipes.

Offline, I’m excited to announce I’m expanding beyond coming to your kitchen to teach workshops: I’m now available as your private chef. Look for details on the blog and in newsletters in coming weeks about new dining-in packages, including partnerships with local musicians for house concerts and intimate dinner parties. If you already have an idea for a gathering, let me know. Thanks for a fabulous second year of Twice as Tasty!

Like what you’ve learned? To learn more in a Twice as Tasty workshop—in your own kitchen, among friends, and with my personal help—click here. If you’re not yet a Twice as Tasty subscriber, get this newsletter and weekly post notifications delivered straight to your inbox by clicking here.


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