Top to Root: Savoring It All

In a workshop at Free the Seeds, I shared ways to eat from top to root. Learn more at
What do Bloody Mary mix, carrot-top salsa, yogurt whey muffins, and roasted raspberry jam have in common? All these delicious recipes rely on ingredients that typically head straight for the compost or sink drain. In the Twice as Tasty workshop at last weekend’s Free the Seeds fair, I shared ways to eat from top to root. Here I share my notes from the workshop, which include ways to give trimmings a second life, ban “discard” from your kitchen, and ultimately look at what heads for your plate versus your compost bin in a new way.
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Free the Seeds

Top-to-root eating is at the heart of Twice as Tasty. Learn more at
Are you ready for Free the Seeds? It’s on its way! The 5th annual fair is happening Saturday in Kalispell, Montana. You can find the details here.

As one of the members of the organizing committee for this free event, I’ve been busy talking about it all over town and on the air. I’ll be presenting just one of the two dozen workshops at the fair, so if you’re local, I hope you’ll join me. But if it’s too far to travel, don’t worry: all this month, I’ll be expanding on my Free the Seeds workshop right here on the Twice as Tasty blog.
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Obsessively Orange

Naturally orange foods are loaded with carotenoids, so they taste good and make you feel good.  Learn more at
Happy Halloween! It’s not every year that the final day of birthday month (yes, birthday month) and Halloween align with a Twice as Tasty post day. But you won’t find any cake cutely decorated with Oreos or candy corn here. Instead, I was inspired by the “Halloween” display at Vashon Bookshop when I visited the island earlier this month. The theme was simple: all orange book covers. At first glance, it might seem like an obsessive—or lazy—way to dress a table, but perusing the titles revealed a fabulously varied trick-or-treat bag of goodies.

So today I highlight some recipes featuring, or easily altered for, orange foods. I also suggest some workshops you should consider attending or scheduling in your own home over the next few weeks that will put some extra flavor in your holiday season.
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Eating Well Outdoors

When I plan an outdoor adventure, I start with what’s in my garden. Learn more at
I divide my summer free time fairly evenly between gardens and sailboats. But before I became hooked on sailing, I spent many summer days in hiking boots. I returned to those on-foot adventures last weekend, spending 3 days in Glacier National Park covering 19 miles while climbing and then descending 4,500 feet.

Besides a return to gorgeous vistas and sore muscles, the weekend brought me back to the enjoyment of eating well even at 6,000 feet. I’ve always been convinced that meals out of a pack, kayak, canoe, car, camper, or sailboat don’t have to feature Ramen, instant rice, or even ever-improving yet increasingly expensive pouches of freeze-dried dishes. When I plan an outdoor adventure, I start with what’s in my garden and how I can bring it fresh, dehydrate it, or otherwise process it so that it can be incorporated into a woodland, mountain, or ocean meal plan.
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