Quest for the Perfect Cookware

Certain recipes can reveal the true nature of the pans in your cookware set. Learn more at
I’m on a cookware kick with The Spruce Eats. After spending a couple of months researching and testing pressure canners and canning supplies, I’ve moved on to everyday cookware. My focus has been entirely selfish: stackable cookware that fits into the one cabinet in my kitchen or packs neatly for our sailing adventures.

The results of my research into the best stackable cookware are up on The Spruce Eats. This month, I’m personally testing and reviewing several of my favorite sets. Those reviews will focus on the features and function of each set, which gives me the perfect opportunity to share some of the meals I’ll be testing here on Twice as Tasty.

Cookware Choices

Certain recipes can reveal the true nature of the pans in your cookware set. Learn more at
I decided to focus on nonstick space-saving cookware for my testing. Nonstick nesting pots and pans make the most sense for the sailboat; scrubbing out stuck-on food is never fun, especially when hot fresh water and elbow room are in short supply. At home, I’m well supplied with my grandmother’s cast iron pans and a few stainless-steel ones that let me cook with acidic pickle brines, so adding nonstick stackable cookware to my tiny kitchen seems ideal.

Nonstick cookware does require some special handling to make it last. Using metal utensils, knives, or steel scouring pads are among the more obvious no-nos. But I’m often guilty of heating pans over higher-than-needed heat, especially with my powerful new gas range. The main point of caring for these pots and pans is to maintain that nonstick surface, so I’m going to be focusing on recipes that put their interior to the test.

Test Recipes

Certain recipes can reveal the true nature of the pans in your cookware set. Learn more at
If you’ve scrolled through the Twice as Tasty recipe index, it won’t surprise you that I’ve already shared many recipes that are good test candidates. These are some I’m planning to use in my cookware testing this month:

Whether you’re trying to decide if your old cookware needs replacing or adjusting your cooking techniques to a new set, these recipes will reveal your pans’ nonstick nature. But most importantly, they’re simply delicious.

Twice as Tasty

Certain recipes can reveal the true nature of the pans in your cookware set. Learn more at I’ll be testing pots and pans all month, I’m going to throw some new recipes into the mix. I’ll be sharing those new creations with you in the coming weeks. Dishes that feature eggs, rice, and sauces that require browning and reduction will be part of my testing arsenal. And with the garden starting to take off, expect plenty of fresh herbs and early vegetables to find their way into my test recipes. Check back next week to see what I’ve cooked up.

It’s garden time! What will you do with your harvest? Get a signed copy of The Complete Guide to Pickling to fill your shelves and fridge with vinegar and fermented pickles, chutneys, hot sauces, salsa, and more. At the same time, pick up the The Pickled Picnic to learn how to use pickles and leftover brine in a range of recipes. Click here to order.

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