Kitchen Favorites: Ice Trays

I write about my favorite ice tray for freezing food in 1-ounce portions in my latest piece for The Spruce Eats. Learn more at
I’ve been writing a lot recently about some of my favorite tools for freezer storage: ice trays. As I mentioned last week in my Flathead Beacon column, ice trays that make 1-cup cubes have become my new favorite tools for freezing stocks. Earlier this year, I had the chance to test and review a collection of ice trays that produce cubes in a range of sizes. While most of my testing involved making ice for cocktails, I also used some of the trays to freeze pesto, sauces, and more for quick and easy storage.

One of these trays ended up being my favorite for 1-ounce portions, as I share in my latest piece for The Spruce Eats. The Everyday Ice Tray is part of W&P’s Peak collection, along with the Cup Cubes Freezer Tray that I’ve been using for stocks. I’m not a W&P affiliate and don’t earn a commission on sales; I just really like these trays for freezing food.

Learn more about why I’m hooked on the W&P Everyday Ice Tray in this article.

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I write about my favorite ice tray for freezing food in 1-ounce portions in my latest piece for The Spruce Eats. Learn more at

Twice as Tasty

I like the W&P Everyday Ice Tray not only because its silicone surface has so far resisted stains from tomatoes and is easy to clean but also because I can fill the individually molded cubes with completely different contents and freeze and release them without the flavors spilling over and mixing. In my kitchen, this might mean a couple of cubes with leftover lemon juice or minced garlic, a few of pesto, some with home-smoked chipotles in homemade adobo, and several of berry pulp left after making shrub. If you’re a new parent making baby food, you might fill the tray with a variety of purees. Smoothie lovers may pack the tray with fruit and leafy greens to drop into a blender.

After long making due with the hard-plastic trays that came for free with my freezer-topped refrigerator, silicone trays have been well worth the price. To round out my collection, I’ve also purchased a Tovolo ice tray that makes approximately 4-ounce portions, giving me range of cube sizes for some of my favorite recipes:

Once frozen, I pop the cubes out of the trays and transfer them to labeled zip-close freezer bags for long-term storage. You can find more recipes that I freeze in ice trays in a range of sizes in the recipe index and more of my work off the blog here.

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