Twice as Tasty Turns 4

Twice as Tasty turns 4 this month! Read more about what’s new at
I can hardly believe it: Twice as Tasty turns 4 this month! It’s been a year of growth and change, particularly with my focus in recent months on writing my first cookbook. But the blog and Twice as Tasty Live have grown in other areas as well, with a jump in online readership, an explosion of interest in baking with sourdough, and more workshops focused on eating well year-round.

Thanks for being part of the journey—your interest, questions, and feedback keep me returning to my computer each week to share new recipes, techniques, and ideas. Many of these can be found in the ever-growing recipe index. If you’ve been following along steadily, let me jog your memory with a few of the year’s highlights. If you’re new to the blog or have missed some of the latest news, here’s your chance to catch up. Skip down the page for more on what’s in store for the rest of the year.

Year 4 Highlights

Twice as Tasty turns 4 this month! Read more about what’s new at
After expanding Twice as Tasty Live in 2018 to include house concerts, dinners, and other private events, I’ve been spending increasing amounts of time in other people’s kitchens. Hands-on, in-person workshops continue as the backbone of Twice as Tasty Live. (Later on, I’ll explain some of the tweaks I’ve made to workshops going into a “new normal” summer.)

January brought the 3rd Annual Sourdough Giveaway and new focaccia, pretzel, and bagel recipes. At the beginning of the year, I also launched the Twice as Tasty Challenge for newsletter subscribers, encouraging readers to head to their kitchen with Twice as Tasty recipes. Both sourdough baking and the challenge took off as people were suddenly staying in early spring, so I brought back and extended the starter giveaway for 2 months. The challenge continues all year; you can learn more about it here and then become a part of it by subscribing here.

Amid all of this, I began work on my first cookbook, all about pickling. It’s coming along beautifully; I met a major first-draft deadline last week, and publication is slated for this fall. I’ll have plenty more to share about this project as the book approaches release, including opportunities for advance copies, giveaways, launch events, and related recipes and workshops. Be sure to follow Twice as Tasty on Facebook and via the email newsletter to get in on the pickle madness.

Best Year 4 Recipes

Twice as Tasty turns 4 this month! Read more about what’s new at
As if all that wasn’t enough, the blog has been growing with delicious new recipes. A search in the recipe index is a good place to start finding tasty morsels to create for your table. In addition to the sourdough recipes mentioned earlier, some of my favorite additions from the past year fit into the one prep, two meals series:

Year 5 Plans

Twice as Tasty turns 4 this month! Read more about what’s new at
Expect more one prep, two meals recipes over the next year, as well as easily adaptable and no-recipe-required meals. Sourdough baking and cheesemaking will also be back in the mix in cooler months, but for now I’m gearing up to help you enjoy everything fresh from the garden and preserve it for later use—especially by pickling, of course.

I’m booking summer workshops as well, including a free virtual workshop July 15, “Prepare to Preserve the Harvest,” for Free the Seeds. Most of my workshops will continue to be hands-on, in-person sessions in private homes: You choose the friends you’re most comfortable gathering together, and I come to your kitchen with everything we need to work in your space. I’m currently scheduling workshops a minimum of 2 weeks apart, so book early to ensure a space on my calendar. You can learn more about Twice as Tasty workshops here. For some workshops that make the most of the growing season, check out this post.

Once my new cookbook is released this fall, expect to hear a lot more about pickling, including quick, refrigerator, processed, and fermented pickles, as well as some unique pickled foods, beverages, and sauces. Besides dropping in on, you can keep up with the latest through these sources:

I’m excited for my forthcoming cookbook and many new adventures in cooking and sharing good food. Thanks for a fabulous fourth year of Twice as Tasty!

Like what you’ve learned? To learn more in a Twice as Tasty workshop—in your own kitchen, among friends, and with my personal help—click here. If you’re not yet a Twice as Tasty subscriber, get newsletters delivered straight to your inbox by clicking here.


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