Winding Down Year 5

I’m celebrating the end of 2020 and kicking off 2021 with giveaways. Learn more at
2020 has been quite the year for us all. But fortunately, I can focus on positive changes for Twice as Tasty. Despite limits on in-person workshops and other live events, Twice as Tasty has grown and thrived this year, particularly with the publication of my first cookbook and its accompanying recipe collection. It feels fabulous to be able to reflect on happy developments and highlight good news in such a challenging year. Read on, and you’ll be smiling too, or skip down the page to read about the year to come.

2020 Highlights

I’m celebrating the end of 2020 and kicking off 2021 with giveaways. Learn more at
If you had told me this time last year that I would write and publish my first cookbook before the end of 2020, I would have laughed. But that’s precisely what happened. Last February, Callisto Media sought me out to write a pickling cookbook. I started writing in March, finished my first draft in June, and held the published book in my hands in October.

Clearly, it’s been the highlight of my year, personally and professionally. In its first 2 months, The Complete Guide to Pickling has sold at least 800 copies, and it’s been delivered in Canada, England, Luxembourg, and Australia. Reviews have been so stellar; I was particularly thrilled when one of my readers called it a “serious improvement” on the book generally regarded as the authority on pickle making, The Joy of Pickling by Linda Ziedrich, who I consider a pickling guru. And I was excited when my current hometown and former hometown newspapers ran lengthy feature articles on the project.

The project brought readers in droves to the Twice as Tasty blog, tripling the number of visitors from the prior year and prompting an exponential increase in followers via the blog and social media. The Recipe Index now lists more than 300 recipes, along with more than 100 pages and posts with topics and techniques related to preparing, storing, and eating delicious food year-round.

Other 2020 Milestones

I’m celebrating the end of 2020 and kicking off 2021 with giveaways. Learn more at
Sourdough Brioche Buns by Jessica

I want to highlight three other milestones from 2020:

  • Twice as Tasty Challenge winner. Admittedly, I was a little distracted by the pickling book project and didn’t promote the Twice as Tasty Challenge as heavily as I originally intended. But plenty of people stepped up, made Twice as Tasty recipes, and shared their creations—particularly new sourdough bakers. I’m happy to announce that Jessica Robayo (Baide) won the challenge drawing for free copies of The Complete Guide to Pickling and The Pickled Picnic. Jessica joined the Twice as Tasty Community when I reopened the Sourdough Giveaway last April, and she shared some lovely creations, including the Sourdough Brioche Buns shown here. Congrats, Jessica!
  • The Pickled Picnic. To help you use pickles from The Complete Guide to Pickling, I created a digital recipe collection, The Pickled Picnic. Available exclusively through this website in PDF format, the collection gives you ideas for making appetizers, beverages, side dishes, and even main dishes that can incorporate pickles and other Twice as Tasty recipes.
  • Kitchen Recommendations. As I was writing my pickling cookbook, I tested many canning, fermenting, and storage tools. I’ve gathered these, along with some of my other favorite kitchen tools, into a new Recommendations page. I use every item I recommend in my own kitchen, and I’ll be adding to the page throughout 2021.

2021 Plans

I’m celebrating the end of 2020 and kicking off 2021 with giveaways. Learn more at
Last year taught all of us to be wary of making plans. But I have a few ideas for 2021 that I’m confident I can pull off:

  • Sourdough Giveaway. The 4th annual Sourdough Giveaway starts January 1, 2021. After extending last year’s giveaway to help new COVID-era sourdough bakers, I gave away more starter in 2020 than I have in all prior years. The 2021 giveaway will run all of January. Be sure to check back next week: I’ll tell you how to get free Twice as Tasty starter and walk you through waking up forlorn starter that might already be lurking in your fridge.
  • Pass the Cheese. I skipped over cheese month in 2020 to share more sourdough creations, so I have several new recipes ready to share with beginning and experienced cheesemakers in the coming year.
  • Pickle On. I’m thrilled that so many people purchased my new pickling cookbook as holiday gifts this season, but I fully expect many recipients won’t dig into it until their gardens pop. So expect to hear a bit more next summer about pickles and reasons you should check out The Pickled Picnic.

Twice as Tasty

Be sure you’re fully connected to Twice as Tasty.I’m streamlining my communications in the coming year. If you subscribe to my email newsletters, expect to see Twice As Tasty in your inbox only as I have new projects, special features, and hopefully workshop opportunities to share.

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I’m looking forward sharing tasty treats with you in the new year—hopefully not just online but also in live workshops and events before the year is out. Thanks for reading!


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