Twice as Tasty Turns 3

Twice as Tasty is now 3! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
It’s hard to believe Twice as Tasty is now 3 years old. Like a quickly growing child, it seems that just yesterday this blog was taking its first baby steps. But a scroll through the recipe index makes the 3-year growth spurt clear. Whether you’ve just found this blog or have been part of the core group of supporters, thank you for joining me on this adventure.

Year 3 Highlights

Twice as Tasty is now 3! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
In the blog’s third year, I officially launched Twice as Tasty Live, expanding the ways you can bring me into your kitchen. House concerts and dinners let me prepare tasty spreads onsite for you and your guests. But my real passion continues to be teaching you and your friends how to make good food year-round. I’ve revamped the workshop portion of the blog so that it’s easier for you to find topics that interest you. I highlight several workshops that make the most of the growing season here. Regardless of the season, these have been some of the most popular Twice as Tasty workshops:

Best Year 3 Recipes

Twice as Tasty is now 3! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
I do my best to make it easy for you to find recipes, topics, and techniques on Twice as Tasty, but the task becomes more challenging as the blog grows ever larger. A search in the recipe index by dish, ingredient, or technique should reveal a range of options. Here are some of my favorite additions from the past year:

Year 4 Plans

Twice as Tasty is now 3! Read more about what’s new at Twice as Tasty.
Photograph by Brenda Ahearn Photography.

As Twice as Tasty grows, so does the list of topics I cover online and off. On the blog, the list of recipes gets longer every month. has it all, from weekly posts, to info about the latest events, to inspiring photos. Or you can get just what you want through these sources:

Offline, the range of Twice as Tasty workshops continues to expand as readers like you want to learn more about eating well year-round. These are a few of the new workshops I’ve added in recent months:

Most Twice as Tasty workshops are hosted privately: You invite me into your kitchen to teach you and your friends. But this summer I’m working with several organizations to offer workshops to their members or the wider public. If you’re interested in joining one of these workshops, be sure to sign up for Twice as Tasty newsletters to be the first to hear when dates are set. If you’re interested in hosting your own Twice as Tasty Live event—workshop, dinner, or house concert—contact me soon; my summer schedule is filling up quickly.

Most importantly, keep reading, cooking, and sharing your love of good food. Thanks for a fabulous third year of Twice as Tasty!

Like what you’ve learned? To learn more in a Twice as Tasty workshop—in your own kitchen, among friends, and with my personal help—click here. If you’re not yet a Twice as Tasty subscriber, get newsletters delivered straight to your inbox by clicking here.


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